MultihubSoftware platform for online business, allowing to manage payments and reduce risks

Multihub - payment standardization solution.
Single and simple API - hundreds of payment methods for use.


Simple integration

Multihub.Global's API streamlines the integration of multiple payment providers into a single platform.


High standard system stability

The simple, the easiness API and the help of high-quality professionals ensure stability of work.


Team of professionals

Our team consists of top-tier developer experts and business professionals who are passionate about delivering innovative solutions for merchants.


Integrated methods

Huge number of payment methods restocking every day.


Ever expanding integration list

Our team is constantly working on increasing and simplifying the introduction of new methods, which will allow your business to save time and money.


Payout cascading

Сascading payout feature is its ability to aggregate multiple payout providers under a single method. This can help businesses improve their conversion rates for payout operations, as it simplifies the process for recipients.

Create. Control.

Easily create, manage and optimize your connections to any payment gateway or method worldwide.
We offer everything you need to ensure secure payment processing and optimal order processing.


Fast and simple primary integration

Simple, clear API and help of our specialists.


Reducing the cost of integrating new payment methods

Ease of incorporation of new methods. Save time and money.


Extensive coverage by methods

Allows businesses to insure against surprises and have a backup plan.


Help in finding a payment solution for business

No matter where you are - we will find solutions with payment, regardless of the type of your business.

MultihubPersonal Data Processing and Protection Policy